Which questions should I ask before volunteering for a clinical trial?

Below you can find a list of questions you might want to print and take with you for the informative meeting with the research team. Plan ahead what you are going to ask and bring a friend or a family member with you if you can. Write down all the answers and ask if you can record the conversation. Don’t be shy! Ask anything else that might come to mind. It is your right to understand what is going to happen during the clinical trial and before taking your decision.


  1. Why are you doing this study?
  2. Who will fund the study?
  3. Who has reviewed and approved the study?
  4. How long will the study last? How long will I have to be in the study?
  5. What kinds of therapies, procedures and /or tests will I have during the trial?
  6. Has this drug/device/treatment been tested before in people?
  7. What can I do instead of being in this study? What other choices do I have?
  8. What are the potential benefits for me in the short and long term?
  9. Which risks may I incur, in the short and long term?
  10. Is being in the study going to cost me anything?
  11. Where will I have my medical care?
  12. Can I talk to other people in the study?
  13. Will I be able to take my regular medications while in the clinical trial?
  14. How might being in this study affect my daily life?
  15. Will the treatment be stopped at the end of the trial, even if it has been beneficial?
  16. What happens to the information I give you or any information you find out about me?
  17. Will you share my information with anyone who is not part of the study team?
  18. Who will know that I am in the study?
  19. Will I find out my own study results?
  20. Will I find out the results of the whole study?
  21. Who will be in charge of my care?
  22. Whom do I call if I have questions?
  23. What if I want to stop taking part in the study? Will anything bad happen to me?
  24. Do I have to stay in the hospital? For how long?
  25. Should my usual doctor know that I am in the study?
  26. Will I get paid for the time and effort I will put in by being in the study? If yes, how much? How often?
  27. Who will pay if I am injured while in the study? Is there insurance covering these possible costs?
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